Straight siphon tube (pig-tail type) for pressure gauge connection made of thick seamless tube.

Indicated to reduce water hammer in pressure gauges or other elements of the system subject to variable pressure, avoiding misadjustments that affect the measurement.

It is useful as a cooler, dissipating heat and reducing the risk of deterioration in pressure gauges.

In steam lines it guarantees the reading of condensing water values instead of steam line values.

Supplied with and without connection fittings. Anti-corrosion treatment by black phosphating on carbon steel option (inside and outside).

Te contamos más sobre la Tubo de sifón “recto” en acero inoxidable Cod. M78.04 sin accesorios de conexión.

Available materials

- Stainless steel AISI 316 Sch 40


Individually bagged to prevent spoilage and ensure delivery in perfect condition

Dimensiones Tubo_de_sifon_recto_en_acero_inoxidable_Cod.M78.04_sin_accesorios_de_conexion.Tubo_de_sifon_recto_en_acero_inoxidable_Cod.M78.04_sin_accesorios_de_conexion.