Safety relief valve for overpressure relief in pipelines or pressure vessels.

Sistema de actuación por muelle directo. Conexión entrada embridada. Campana principal en fundicion de acero inoxidable.

Palanca manual para actuación en el momento deseado. Roscadas a la salida (hembra) para conducir la descarga a sitema de tuberías y así eliminar fugas.

Suitable for any type of fluid, whether liquid or gaseous. It can be supplied regulated and sealed, at the pressure required by the customer, with the corresponding CE unit certificate.

Includes sealing element as well as adjustment screw. Hexagonal cap with soft gasket to ensure total tightness of the assembly to prevent tampering.

Springs with adjustment range from 0.2 to 40 bar g pressure (3 to 580 psi g)

ATEX category: II 3 G

Te contamos más sobre la Válvula de seguridad Cod. V70.74, V70.75, V70.76 con escape conducido conexión embridada con palanca de actuacion. Certificada CE según directiva europea de equipos a presión DEP 2014/68/UE.

Available materials

- Stainless steel AISI 316

Seats available

- Metal
- Ptfe
- Fpm

Installation Tips

Note: The correct handling and installation of a safety relief valve is the key to avoid malfunctioning of the device.

- Clean the inlet and outlet connections to avoid impurities that could damage the sealing system.
- Avoid components that cause pressure losses (shut-off valves, pipe extensions, etc.) between the system/equipment and the safety relief valve.
- The diameter of the connection must be at least the same as the valve inlet.
- Always install in a vertical position.
- The discharge generates back pressures that must be taken into account when selecting the correct valve size and model.
- Do not use sealing gaskets that release residues.
- In steam lines, never install the valve below the pipe level.
- Consult the particularities of installation according to the legislation in force at the final location.


The valves are supplied with plugs on the inlet and outlet ports to prevent damage to the internal parts and to prevent the valve from being damaged.
dust inlet. Mounting instructions included.

Dimensiones Válvula de seguridad Cod. V70.74, V70.75, V70.76 con escape conducido conexión embridada con palanca de actuacion