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More than 50 years working for your safety. We are experts in safety valves

What types of safety valves can be found?

In Zaes we are manufacturers of safety valves for over 50 years. Zaes Safety valves are  based on spring direct acting mechanism. They are suitable for overpressures relieving in liquid, gaseous and vapor systems. We manufacturer both safety valves with metal seats and safety valves with soft seats (NBR, EPDM, PTFE or FPM) to adapt depending on media to be controlled. As for connectivity all the usual connections are covered: safety valves threaded (BSP or NPT) and Flanged safety valves (DIN or ANSI) And all this with the widest range of sizes and pressures from 3/8 “to 16” (DN10 to DN400) and rated up to 100 bar (1450 PSI). They widely cover the most demanding needs.

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ISO and ANSI threaded Safety valves

Threaded Safety valves designed according to PED 2014/68 / EU and ASME VIII Div 1. Made out of stainless steel, brass and bronze in diameters from 3/8 “(DN10) to 3” (DN80) and BSP and NPT threads, to prevent over pressures in gases, vapors and liquids on industrial, OEM, urban vehicles and industrial piping lines.

ISO and ANSI Flanged safety valves

Flanged safety valves designed according to PED 2014/68 / EU. Safety valves made out of carbon steel, gray cast iron and nodular cast iron in diameters from 1/2 “(DN15) to 16” (DN400) and flanged connections ISO PN10 / 16, PN40, PN63 and PN100 and Ansi B16.5 Classes 150, 300 and 600, to prevent over pressures in gases, vapors and liquids in plants, industrial equipment and industrial pipe lines.



Compressed air Safety valves

Due to the large number of industrial applications using compressed air, pressurized by industrial air compressors, there are many protective and measuring elements for this type of application such as; mining equipment, packaging lines, material handling, medical compressed air, air compressors, etc. Zaes Safety perfectly valves prevent overpressures in compressors and air tanks and distribution lines.

Steam Safety valves

There Are many applications in industrial processes using steam and its main features are working under high pressure and high temperatures. Our safety valves for steam processes cover the entire range of pressures and temperatures required by steam industry. From 0 to 100 bar (1500psi) and up to 450 ° C (842 ° F) Zaes safety valves are a guarantee of safety in steam lines.

Boilers Safety valves

Protection of overpressure in industrial steam boilers with Zaes safety Valves, is critical to ensure optimal production levels and efficacious in heating boilers and other industrial processes boilers.

Wastewater Safety valves

Currently the treatment of wastewater is one of the key processes in maintaining our quality of life and efficiently manage water consumption both in industry and consumption. For this reason the chemical, physical and biological processes involved in the treatment require elements and components used are of the highest quality and durability. Zaes offers safety valves of the highest quality to protect pipelines and equipment involved in the processes of preparation, primary treatment and secondary treatment.

Petrochemical industry Safety valves

Today oil is perhaps the most important power in the modern world. From extraction processes to refining, Zaes makes available to the user a wide range of commercial products for given industries derived from petrochemicals as storage and distribution of fuels for transportation, power generation, lubricants, paraffins, asphalts, fats vehicles and industrial products etc. Extractive industries and oil processing require the most demanding components in their plants and from Zaes constantly work to successfully meet these requirements.

Gas and cryogenics safety valves

For applications that use fluids to the boiling point of nitrogen -195.79ºC (76.36º Kelvin) such as; driving and liquid nitrogen storage and industrial gases, refrigerators dilution cryogenic transfer lines, cryostats recuperators Helios, etc … For this type and facilities products cryogenic ZAES as our safety valves Figure 70, they are designed to cover with cryogenics warranty service.

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