Discover excellence with ZAES and join our worldwide network of distributors

ZAES is a leading manufacturer of industrial valves and fittings. mainly in valves for steam, water management (drinking water and wastewater), compressed air, gases and cryogenics, petrochemicals and fuels, recognised for its commitment to quality and innovation in the manufacture of high quality products with several certifications to back it up. With more than 60 years of experience in the marketWe are proud to offer high-end solutions for various industrial sectors.

Our success is based on the combination of a highly skilled team and cutting-edge technology. We have professionals specialised in each stage of the production process, from design to the final delivery of the product. In addition, our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to guarantee the precision and quality of each part we manufacture.

At ZAES we value the relationship with our distributors, understanding that their success is our success. We work hand in hand with them to provide them with the necessary resourcesThe aim of the project is to provide the necessary marketing materials, training and technical assistance to enhance their performance in the marketplace.

Being part of our dealer network will bring you a number of benefits:

High quality products:
Our products are renowned for their durability, strength and superior quality. We offer you the opportunity to represent a reliable and highly valued brand in Europe.
Specialised technical support:
Our team of experts is available to provide you with technical assistance at any time. You will be able to solve doubts, receive recommendations and count on support in every project you undertake.
Diversity of product lines:
We have a wide range of products, ranging from ¼" needle valves to 20" safety valves. This will allow you to serve the needs of different industries and expand your reach in your market and with your current and future customers.
Competitive advantages:
As a ZAES distributor, you will have access to competitive prices, allowing you to offer your customers quality products at attractive prices.
Long-term relationship:
We seek to build strong and lasting relationships with our distributors. We will work together to drive your growth and ensure mutual long-term success.

In short, ZAES is a company that values excellence in the manufacture of its products and seeks to expand its network of distributors. If you want to be part of a leading company, committed to quality and innovation, we invite you to join us.

Together we will achieve great success in the industrial market!