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The compressed air industry and its importance in industrial processes.
What is the importance of the use of compressed air?

Compressed air is an essential energy source in industries and is used in their operations by up to 70%.

Companies like ZAES that manufacture safety valves, needle valves, gauge valves and instrumentation fittings (which can be BSP or NPT) and rely on compressed air to ensure the success of their manufacturing processes cannot doubt the purity level of the compressed air, as any contamination could compromise the safety and quality of the product.

Our technologies in safety valves, needle valves, gauge valves and instrumentation accessories provide you with significant energy savings and environmental benefits, making them the first choice for operators looking to improve their carbon footprint.

The common uses of compressed air in manufacturing include:

Compressed air painting equipment: Pneumatic painting equipment uses compressed air to stir the paint so that it can be applied to the components and products to be painted.
Pneumatic lifting equipment with compressed air: Pneumatic lifting equipment using compressed air can be used for a variety of operations such as lifting cushions for heavy loads, pneumatic lifting cushions, load handling, etc... 
Compressed air tools: Compressed air tools are more popular than electric tools because they are lighter, easier to handle and more durable.
Compressed air in shot blasting: Compressed air is used to propel the grit or shot during cleaning operations. Compressed air blasting is used for small blasting batches.
Cleaning with compressed air: Compressed air is commonly used for cleaning processes in all types of installations such as in the pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc...
Compressed air cooling and heating: Compressed air is used in vortex tubes to generate large volumes of hot and cold compressed air for industrial heating and cooling processes.

What compressed air is used for in the industry.

The application of compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry

Compressed air plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. For these tasks, maximum purity and cleanliness of the compressed air is required, as a sterile environment must be maintained in this industry.
In the world of pharmaceuticals, oil-free compressed air is essential for the manufacture of medicines and related products. The reason is simple: compressed air must achieve the highest possible level of purity to ensure that the end product is not contaminated.

Oil-free compressed air is essential to operate the following pharmaceutical applications:

  • Production of capsules and tablets using compressed air.
  • Compressed air fermentation (Compressed air supplies oxygen to the bacteria during the fermentation process (aeration).
  • Compressed air packaging.
  • Compressed air devices.

Compressed air applications in the textile industry

In this field, pneumatic energy is used to activate the machinery necessary for the manufacture of various fabrics. Compressed air is also used to clean the reeds and needles, which will keep the loom running smoothly. Thanks to this energy, we can weave skilfully and efficiently in the shortest possible time.

The use of compressed air in the food industry.

In this field it is very important that the compressed air is absolutely pure and does not contain any traces of oil, as this can contaminate or alter the batches. Impurities can also cause failures in pneumatic circuits and machinery.

To ensure and maintain safety in the industry, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) has created a standard for the quality of compressed air in the food industry, known as Class 0 or ISO 8573-1. It is the purest type of compressed air that can be prevented from oil and oil contamination.

Use of compressed air in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, compressed air is in contact with products and must therefore be as clean as possible. For this reason, quality compressors are used to prevent contamination of the compressed air and thus maintain the purity and sterilisation required for certain chemical processes.

Compressed air applications in the automotive industry

Automobiles require aerodynamic energy to operate, and so does the manufacturing process. Compressed air comes into play to power the required machinery.

Quality of the compressed air

How is compressed air prepared for use in industry?

Adjusting the compressed air involves more than just drawing in compressed air at a certain pressure. Once the pressure has been reached, it is essential to check that the air is dry and clean.

In the process of compressed air preparation, it is recommended to use the items listed below:

Maintenance unit

  • Compressed air suction filter.
  • Compressed air compressor.
  • Compressed air manifold.
  • Compressed air dryer.

After this preliminary preparation stage, the compressed air passes through:

  • Compressed air maintenance unit.

The maintenance department is responsible for conditioning the compressed air before it passes through the compressed air system.

These units include the following items:

  • Compressed air filter with water separator
  • Pressure regulator for compressed air.
  • Compressed air lubrication
  • Compressed air dehumidifier.

If the compressed air is not conditioned, this can lead to an increase in the number of failures and as a result, compressed air systems also reduce their service life.

Failures caused by an inadequate system can be reflected in increased wear of seals and moving parts of safety valves, needle valves, gauge valves, instrumentation fittings and cylinders, or in safety valves, needle valves, gauge valves and instrumentation fittings where oil or even dirt has penetrated into the accumulator / silencer.

Pneumatic elements are usually set to operate at different working pressures and these pressures are measured in Bar or PSI.


What is the compressed air generation and supply process like?

The compressed air is compressed with a compressed air compressor.

The compressed air compressor draws in air through the intake valve, compresses it to the desired volume and then pressurises it through the exhaust valve to discharge it into the compressed air storage tank.

The compression process is usually carried out with an electric motor.