For those applications that use fluids up to the boiling temperature of nitrogen -196ºC (-320ºF), such as; conduction and storage of liquid nitrogen and industrial gases, dilution refrigerators, cryogenic transfer lines, Helios cryostats, etc... For these types of installations ZAES cryogenic products, such as our safety valves figure 70 and 71, are designed to cover cryogenic service with guarantee.



Assembly and adjustment of factory component kits for optimum and safe performance in cryogenic applications.

  • Spring Inconel X750 suitable for temperature range -196ºC - +220ºC
  • PTFE soft seat, suitable for temperature range -196°C - +220°C.
  • Adjustment of internal components (plug and seat) for correct operation at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Nameplate with achieved cryogenic values

Connections: NPT / BSP - DIN / ANSI

Working pressures admissible 0.2 Bar (3 Psi) up to 30 bar (435 Psi)


  • Stainless steel - AISI 316
  • Bronze - Brass - EN 1982 - EN 12164



Our cryogenic valves are especially recommended for applications using the following fluids:

  • Safety valves for Argon
  • Safety relief valves for chlorotrifluoromethane,
  • Safety valves for nitrous oxide,
  • Safety valves for Ethane,
  • Safety valves for ethylene,
  • Helium safety valves
  • Carbon dioxide safety valves,
  • Carbon monoxide safety valves
  • Safety valves for Krypton,
  • Air Safety Valves
  • LPG safety valves
  • LNG safety valves
  • Methane safety valves,
  • Safety valves for Neon
  • Oxygen safety valves,
  • Safety valves for Nitrogen,
  • Safety relief valves for Trifluoromethane,
  • Hydrogen Safety Valves
  • Safety valves for Xenon



  • Valve degreasing
  • Valve sizing to assist in the correct selection of valve sizes according to the needs of the circuit or equipment.
  • Valve Tagging for Projects (Tag)


Always a great brand behind great projects... ZAES, a safe bet.

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