Valve specially designed to connect the female thread to the pressure gauge and the male thread to the process, with special nipple for sealing gasket.

It is not necessary to use any type of packing, PTFE, etc., which could get inside, blocking the passage of the fluid and causing significant damage to the installation.

The punch locking system ensures that water hammer is reduced by opening and closing with regulation.

It has a second steering wheel that has a double function

1. - If we close the handwheel that leads to the pressure gauge, with the other handwheel we can bleed off the pressure in the gauge without losing pressure in the line.

2. - following the same process we can attach a pressure gauge with a calibration plate to check the correct functioning of the pressure gauge without stopping the installation.

*** Note: It is dangerous to act on flyers without knowing the precautions to take. 

We tell you more about the stainless steel punch valves cod. V128.02 with M x H connections.

Available materials

- Stainless steel AISI 316 suitable for corrosive products


Individually bagged to prevent spoilage and ensure delivery in perfect condition