ZAES® presents our threaded fittings for connecting a hose at one end and a hose at the other end.

The virtues of our fittings compared to ZAES® fittings are that they are reinforced, guaranteeing long life and resistance to corrosion from the passage of fluids over time, all of which we have achieved with reinforced walls.

Another virtue of our fittings is the wide range of sizes and connections for the hoses (for example ½" x 8mm, ½" x 10mm, ½" x 12mm, ½" x 15mm and ½" x 20mm), as you can see for each thread size there are several diameters of shank to connect (to see all the manufactured sizes visit Products / Fittings section).


Specially designed for demanding customers who need a quality fitting (e.g. for pressing in hydraulic hoses, when the water is hard, etc...).


  • Connections: BSP
  • Working pressure 40Bar
  • Working temperatures: from -10ºC to 200ºC.



Rolled and cast brass (depending on dimensions)


Our hydraulic hose fittings are not only suitable for installation in hard water but also when the fluid is hot and the working pressure is high.
In this way we supply fittings for irrigation and watering, fittings for hydraulic applications, fittings for high pressure hose, fittings for well cleaning, etc...


We offer our customers technical advice according to the needs of the installation, immediate stock for all references.
Product of national manufacture 100% with the added value of the origin Spain (U.S.A.).
Always a great brand behind great projects...ZAES®, a safe bet.

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